- Are you using only LEGO® bricks?

Yes. We use exclusively original LEGO® bricks. All the elements are either ordered directly from the factory or taken out of new box sets. No bricks were ever used to play, build etc. They are as new as they can be. There might though be some microscopic scratches since bricks are not packed individually.

- Can I custom order a handbag?

You can customize almost anything about our handbags. Color, pattern, size etc. There are some limitations since not all bricks are available in all colors (like envelope flap is not possible in purple, Brick Bag is not possible in pink etc.) but there are so many possibilities that it's more than enough to suit your needs.

- Can I be sure the package arrives to me in good shape?

We take great care about packing. A lot of work goes into making every single item and we wouldn't like anything to be broken during transport. Handbags, bowties and cufflinks are packed in sturdy gift boxes and everything is shipped in bubble wrap envelopes. If you encounter any problem - please let us know at mail@agabag.com and we'll do our best to take care of it.

- When will you ship out order?

Most jewelry items are shipped within 2-4 days. Custom ordered jewelry may take a little longer. Handbags need in general 4-5 weeks to be made and shipped. Again - custom orders may take longer.

- When will I get my order?

For most countries the delivery takes close to the estimated time you can see on our shipping details page. There are some exceptions though like the US or Canada since both the USPS and Canada post tend to process packages a little longer at times. If you are in a hurry please consider choosing Express Shipping which is delivered 99% within the estimated timeframe.

- Can you mark the items as gifts? 

We get this question a lot. Shortly - we cannot but you should not worry about this. We process all packages bound outside the EU (and EFTA) through full customs procedure which requires including a full commercial invoice. We have not heard though from any customers about any import taxes being charged.

- Why do I have to wait for a handbag so long?

Everything we make is handmade. As you can imagine this takes some time. The smallest handbag takes 4-6 hours, the larger and more complicated ones even 2 days. We process orders as they come so most of the time we have the workflow planned for about a month in advance.

- Is there any way to speed up the process?

If you have a date coming earlier than 5-6 weeks and you want a handbag to get to you in time please contact us prior to placing the order. We are usually able to process a rush order of a single handbag but since this requires some additional work we need to discuss it with you in advance.

- My order was shipped but I cannot see tracking info.

There might be a few reasons. Tracking is activated as soon as the post gets your package which happens within maximum 24 hrs from the moment we supply it to the customs. The postal service provider that is supposed to deliver your package (usually your national post office) might not allow third party software to access their tracking system. It is best then to find tracking service on their website and enter there the tracking number you can find in your order details. You can also use a service like http://www.17track.com/ which pulls data from both ends.

- Can I return my order?

Since all the items are made to order - you unfortunately cannot. We do not stock any of the creations you can find at agabag.com. Every single order is essentially a custom order in this regard. Please do ask us any questions you have before you decide.